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Financial stewardship is not only a good biblical principle, it is also a business one. Organizations (both non-profit and for-profit) are always in need of funding to help accomplish their mission.  BUT...just as important as the funding coming in, are the expenses going out.


Unfortunately, in many cases (especially in the non-profit world) the expense side of operations may not get the attention/focus that it really deserves.  

Decision-making related to supply chain tasks (purchasing, transportation, logistics, etc.) resides with staff (or volunteers) that may not have the time, background, metrics, or contact network to take full advantage of the opportunities for savings that may exist.


Simply accomplishing the task may be considered a successful endeavor, not really realizing or understanding there may be an opportunity for additional savings. When you consider the Return On Investment for funding (which usually includes associated costs) and compare it to that of expenses, the adage “a dollar saved is a dollar earned” should really be “a dollar saved is MORE than a dollar earned”.


Five Talents Faithful is willing to help organizations explore solutions to ANY challenges they may be encountering.  However, the following are specific areas of focus we may be able to help based on experience and network connections:



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  • Cost analysis and benchmarking

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  • Organizational strategy

  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) documentation

  • Fundraising strategy and execution

  • Product sourcing identification, comparison and/or selection

  • Inventory Management (recommendations and process evaluation)

  • Sourcing identification, comparison and/or selection: 

  • Domestic (Truckload, Intermodal, Less-Than-Truckload, Parcel)

  • International (Container, Parcel)

  • Sourcing identification, comparison and/or selection

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