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The mission of Five Talents Faithful is to support non-profits (and those organizations that serve them) in helping them do more with the resources they have. In some cases, the impact can be easily measured numerically (financially) by comparing prior costs to new costs.  In other cases, the impact cannot be easily measured as the support needed (solution) is something new with which there is no ability to make a historical comparison.  

Measuring impact and sharing that information with those that support Five Talents Faithful is important to us.  Our goal is to update this information at the end of each calendar quarter (at the latest). 

There are 3 metrics that Five Talents Faithful uses to measure impact:

1. Organizations Served: This represents the number of organizations we are helping support.

2. Lives Impacted: This represents individual lives that are impacted by our efforts.

3. Savings:  This represents the savings that the organizations we serve realize as a result of partnering with us. An example of this would be Five Talents Faithful using our contacts/network and purchasing experience to help a partner organization purchase a needed item (coats, food, etc.) at a price lower than what it had been before (or even a donation at $0 cost).








Liquid Detergent for Essentials Outreach (AR - 2021)

Liquid Detergent for Essentials Outreach (AR - 2021)

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