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Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Orion Global.  Orion Global is focused on making their clients more effective through process and technology improvements.With more than 32 years in logistics, Kevin spent 11 years at Walmart, including more than 7 years as the first Director of Global Transportation.  He was responsible for the annual global transportation budget of the firm which amounted for over $450 million.

Kevin is well known to the industry as the inventor and co-patent applicant for Walmart’s global carrier allocation and booking system. Kevin has held a variety of management positions in the industry, such as strategy and business development, finance and budgeting as well as general operations. His area of expertise lies particularly within the BCOs and NVOCCs logistics businesses.  More recently Kevin was COO and Partner in the group that launched the industry’s first marine chassis reservation system,

Kevin has also been sought after to develop a series of successful business ventures involving the creation and strategic expansion of firms and platforms within the logistics and transportation industry.  These companies include names like Transplace and De Well. 

Philanthropically Kevin has been involved with various charities such as Samaritan’s Feet, Saving Grace, and Loving Choices.  He was also instrumental developing the “Miles for Smiles” program at Walmart which raised over $500,000 in the first year for the Victory Junction Gang Camp, a camp for chronically and terminally ill children.

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