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“Graham came to work for me in AL on his first assignment after graduating from the J.B. Hunt Management Training Program.  At that time J.B. Hunt Flatbed was a startup and in the process of purchasing another flatbed trucking company.  Graham’s responsibility was to train the other company’s drivers on the J.B. Hunt processes and procedures before transitioning them to an official J.B. Hunt Flatbed “board” managed by a Fleet Manager.  This was a challenging job, especially given Graham’s limited industry experience (as compared to the drivers he was working with).  His engaging personality and consistency were important aspects of his being successful in that role.  I found Graham to be reliable, always willing to help out when asked and someone that conducted himself with integrity.”

Ken Braunbach

Former:  Terminal Manager, J.B. Hunt Flatbed Division

Current:  Vice President Transportation, Kroger

“Graham worked for me when I was just beginning my career in transportation/logistics as President of JB Hunt Special Commodities.  He held various positions within our organization ranging from truck dispatch/driver management to load planning to sales.  Specifically in his role as a load planner, he was able to improve efficiency and utilization within our fleet while also meeting the needs of our customers.  I found Graham to always be a reliable, dedicated employee that thrives on providing solutions to problems.  He was team-oriented and willing to go above and beyond whenever there was a need he could help with.”


Craig Harper

Former:  President, J.B. Hunt Special Commodities Division

Current:  Retired Chief Sustainability Officer/EVP, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.


“Graham worked for me at both J.B. Hunt Logistics and Transplace.  During that time he was responsible for staff/teams managing various aspects of supply chain for multiple top tier industry leading retail, CPG and manufacturing companies throughout North America.  He has extensive experience in developing and implementing complex supply chain solutions for multi-modal shippers and delivering measurable results through process improvements.  He is a relationship builder and has the ability to build trust/confidence not only with groups he serves but also with co-workers and staff he is responsible for leading.”

                     Judd Gilgen

Former:  Vice President Operations, J.B. Hunt Logistics Division/Transplace

Current:  Vice President Risk Management, Watco Supply Chain Services, LLC

"Graham was one of my direct reports between 2009 and 2011.  During that time, he was responsible for leading our Client Services department where he managed a large corporate team.  This team provided innovative solutions and excellent customer service for numerous clients of all sizes and complexities.  I found some of Graham's greatest strengths from a business perspective to include:   1) inspiring leadership, 2) effective problem solving, 3) attention to detail, 4) positive customer/employee interaction and 5) strategic thinking.  From a personal perspective, Graham has high character and integrity, displays strong commitment and is very trustworthy.   He is humble and a true servant leader.”  


                                               Laura Easley

Former:  Retired Chief Operations Officer, Transportation Insight, LLC

Current:  Senior Vice President Risk Management, Watco Logistics


“Graham was the driving force in our organization as it relates to implementing processes and developing metrics in the areas of logistics, purchasing and domestic shoe distribution execution.  Through his leadership, Samaritan’s Feet was able to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in key areas, thus allowing us to impact more lives through improved financial stewardship.  He is a man of integrity with a desire to honor God with the skills he has been given.”

                   Angela Carlson

Former: Executive Director Finance & General Manager, Samaritan's Feet International

Current: Senior Director Nationwide Equipment Program, The ALS Association

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